22inch Fornetto Smoker (BBQXL.com)

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22inch Fornetto Smoker (BBQXL.com)

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Hi All,

Just wanted to share my experience buying a bullet smoker as it has taken a couple of months of research and few shakeout issues.

After researching bullet smokers for a few months, I decided on a 22 inch Weber Smokey Mountain. For the next few weeks, I was researching the best ways to import one to Australia vs buying one locally for $1000AUD. That was until I stumbled across bbqingaustralia.com (phishing website) – on checkout the price of the 22inch WSM was $684 AUD delivered, so I emailed the company to ask if it was legitimate and also tried to look up reviews on Google, which yielded no results. As the deal was expiring in 2 days, and although it seemed too good to be true, I took the plunge and parted with my money hoping it would arrive (the gamble didn’t pay off).

After wandering through my local Bunnings, I came across the 18inch Fornetto smoker, on some further research I understood BBQXL.com.au imported a bigger version (22inch) with upgraded stainless steel baskets (x2) and grate. Called and spoke to Jaydin who was pretty informative regarding the smoker and specifications
The smoker came delivered from BBXL.com.au with a cover for $474 (discount applied for first time buyer).
Unboxing the item, I noticed the painted enamel was not properly finished on the ash and the 1st chamber with the 2nd chamber having a loose clip. I had watched a youtube video which shows a lockable Charcoal basket in the bottom chamber which this model did not have – BBQXL are still trying to source this part for me.
After emailing BBQXL with photos and explaining the defects, Julie and Jaydin were extremely helpful and professional.
They updated me weekly on the progress of sourcing the new parts and once stocked, shipped them free of charge.
They managed to turn a disappointed customer experience into a great customer review - I could not recommend these guys more.

A bit about this smoker…
This smoker had inter-lockable chambers, water pan 3 levels of cooking surface – the configuration is of this unit beats the 1 chamber WSM in my opinion as its easier to access food on different level, also allowing you to modify the height of the smoker changing it into a grill, you can even hang items from the lid with hooks. The construction is solid and metal is 2-3 mm thick. Perfect all round smoker which holds temps steady for hours.
If you are looking for an intermediate bullet smoker you should definitely give this a look.

https://www.bbqxl.com.au/shop/smokers/f ... ght-black/
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