57CM WSM now available in Australia

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57CM WSM now available in Australia

Post by Davo » Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:51 am

http://www.weberbbq.com.au/barbecues/ch ... in-cooker/

The big brother of the original WSM is now available to buy in Australia.....RRP $999

Yeah it sounds expensive and it is for a non- motorised bit of equipment...why oh why couldn't they have done this when the Aussie Dollar was over parity of the Greenback.

However.....would I pay good money for one of these........Bloody Oath!! These cookers are as solid as they come, if they're anything like their little sibling they are a great unit and will produce some of the best BBQ around and will be a great teacher on how to deal with live fire smoking.

Being the 57CM like the famous Kettle, that means the kettle accessories will fit...like the rotisserie for example and so theres now more space between the fire and the food for perfect Charcoal spit food.
2 x 57cm grill grates = 2 Weber kettles but has a total cooking area of 4680 cm2...that's pretty huge.

They've got a 10 year warranty and one of the best Companies in Australia to deal with......hmmmm maybe time to update my little WSM.

But WAIT.....Weber have also got a Baby WSM...perfect for taking camping with you
http://www.weberbbq.com.au/barbecues/ch ... in-cooker/

These little fellas will be great for jerky and small goods as well as smaller cuts of meat without having to use too much charcoal. For $399, they are around the similar price of a Kettle but have double grills like their bigger brothers
2 x 37CM grills grates and a total space of 1845 cubic cm2

The Original 47cm WSM is still available @ $749 with 2 x 47cm grills and a total cooking area of 3100 cm2
http://www.weberbbq.com.au/barbecues/ch ... in-cooker/

So you see that the 57cm WSM has a total extra cooking area of 1580 cm2 that's over a meter and a half squared more space for an extra $250.


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Post by Bear » Thu Nov 26, 2015 11:00 am


I'm already thinking about how to remodel my purpose built custom trolley
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Re: 57CM WSM now available in Australia

Post by Burnt offerings » Sun Nov 29, 2015 5:16 pm

So tempted to get one!
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Re: 57CM WSM now available in Australia

Post by Romulus » Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:37 pm

17 months after I import one ................. now they start selling ém here ( and the Jumbo Joe as well ).

But if I'd held off getting it, they probably still wouldn't be doing anything about bringing them over here.

Sorta like Murphy's Law, I guess.

Still, I wonder if the 37cm size mightn't be handy to have as well.

It may be limited by how much it can hold, but it would probably be cool to take camping/ fishing.

Anyone here have one of them or used one ?
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Re: 57CM WSM now available in Australia

Post by gflowslow » Tue Dec 12, 2017 4:14 pm

This was on the top of my list, until I found the Fornetto 22inch on BBQXL.com.au
The pros for me were....
- half the price
- 3 cooking surfaces (WSM only has 2 and you need to remove top grill to access food on lower grill)
- adjustable height of chambers (allowing you to grill) (WSM cant adjust chamber height)
- handles already fixed on each chamber to easily pull off even if hot (not on WSM)
- hooks built in the lid from hanging meet (additional cost for WSM accessory)
- clips to securely fasten each chamber to each other (cant pick up WSM to move if it start to rain)
- construction and steel is solid

https://www.bbqxl.com.au/shop/smokers/f ... ght-black/

Apparently the 22inch is better quality than the 18inch sold at bunnings.

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