Aldi (Landmann) black pearl bbq

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Aldi (Landmann) black pearl bbq

Post by Buzabbq » Thu Sep 24, 2015 7:36 pm

August 2015 had the Black Pearl charcoal BBQ on sale for $246 including a pizza ring.
This Aldi's Coolabah brand is a re-badged by Landmann which are popular in Germany.
This same unit (note without pizza ring) is selling for $300 in BBQ's Galore plus $80 If you want the pizza ring.
They didn't sell out and are now (Sept 2015) on special for $199.

55cm cooking surface
Charcoal dividers for indirect cooking
Powder coated enamelled lid, fire bowl and charcoal grate
Temperature gauge
Adjustable cooking grid
Large ash catcher
Detachable stainless steel pizza ring
Foldable side shelves
Dimensions with pizza ring: 132(W) x 61.5(D) x 130(H)cm
Without pizza ring 133(L) x 119(H) x 65(D)cm


The unit came reasonably well packed and the assembly instructions straight forward but lengthy.
I would leave a min of 2.5 hours to get every thing unpacked and assembled.


A lot of the frame is made up of curved pieces and angled joints. It is best to do every thing up loosely then tighten
once its all together.


The only part I could fault was the wheel bore to axle clearance. It was very loose and I ended up making a aluminum
sleeve to take up the slack. This is only an issue if you intent moving the BBQ around a lot.


I some how managed to have one nut left over and would recommend removing the fasteners from the blister pack
in the order of assembly. :shock:


The two half shells are a decent weight and ceramic coating. In use have retained thermal mass well.


I don't like how the lower vent is made because it does not produce a positive seal when full closed.
I have found I have limited temperature control and intend to look at how it can be improved.


The stainless steel ring (not pizza ring) attaches to the lower shell allows you to raise or lower the grill grate.
This ring gives the unit some additional depth and temperature control when direct cooking.


The pizza ring has some problems:
The slot is only 8.5cm so you don't have very much vertical height to see how your pizza is going.
There is very little radiant heat above the pizza to cause the top browning so needs a metal plate above the
pizza ring to create some thermal mass.

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Post by chriso » Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:31 pm

Thanks for the pics, I was wondering what they looked like.
I'd love a pizza ring for my kettle.

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Post by niko123456 » Fri Sep 25, 2015 5:53 pm

Looks good. My brother got one of these.. Going to have a play with it tomorrow.

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Re: Aldi (Landmann) black pearl bbq

Post by Johnnie5 » Sat Jan 02, 2016 12:29 pm

hows it been so far ?

just got one today from aldi eastlakes nsw for $99

they still had 2 left

rydalmere aldi had 3 left @ $149

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Re: Aldi (Landmann) black pearl bbq

Post by jase65 » Wed Feb 10, 2016 1:00 pm

Any moves on the mods? I've just brought one of these off ebay and want to get it modded

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