Z Grills Pellet Smoker Australia

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Z Grills Pellet Smoker Australia

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Hey guys,

We first appeared in this forum when gourmetgalaxy posted about our Australian launch. Since then, we've introduced 2 more pellet smokers/grills to our product range.

In a nutshell, the 450A has 450 sq inches (0.3 sq m) cooking space which is perfect for a small family. I am able to fit in about 4 shorter stacks of ribs which is more than enough to feed 5.

The 700-2B and 700E (Classic) both have 700 sq inches (0.45 sq m) cooking space. This gives you plenty of space to fit in a couple of stacks of ribs and a pork shoulder for your pulled pork.

Our 700E-XL is an upgraded version of the 700E. It has an added top rack which increases the cooking area by 25% which works out to be 0.6 sq m of effective cooking space. This is more catered for the people who enjoy cooking up a storm for their family and friends. We even have a couple of caterers that use our 700E-XL as their main workhorse cooking up for hundreds of people in one sitting.

The added bonus with the 700E and 700E-XL is that it comes with a bottom storage area and the chamber of the smoker is double lined. This increases the efficiency dramatically which means it burns fewer pellets in the long run.


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Re: Z Grills Pellet Smoker Australia

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and WAY better after sales service than any other 'Made In China' pellet BBQ that I have seen.

Great value for the pricepoint!
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Re: Z Grills Pellet Smoker Australia

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There's a lot to be said about the aftersales service and attention to their products as what importers and wholesalers of their product and that stand behind their product like yourself Dave at Grillpro and Zgrillsau (I think his name is Steve but not sure)

Totally different end of the price spectrum but it's great that there's so many great reports at both end from very satisfied Customers.

Whilst I believe that not everything made in China is crap, those who have control of design and process even if it is made in China, there are many dedicated manufacturers in Asia that do build reasonable quality goods.

American made is usually great and built like their Pickups.....huge and powerful and built like tanks but there's a premium for that and so the cost of buying American made is not always economical for everyone, even myself as much as I'd love a Yoder, I cannot justify it. I know the Yoder grills are among the best of the best and the back up here from you Dave is outstanding because you believe in your Brand. So does Zgrills and that's great to see.

I also think Traeger are much better today than they were when they went from US Build (like the 075 I had) to Chinese build, they had some issues back then but now have come up with much better quality gear than ever before although I must say, the top of the line Traeger is at the price point where I'd buy a Yoder instead.

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