Internal meat probe vs instant read: which to trust?

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Internal meat probe vs instant read: which to trust?

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I have a leave in meat probe that I use when smoking. I've noticed that I get quite large differences between the leave in probe and the instant read thermometer (even after leaving in the instant read probe for 5 seconds).

For instance when cooking a bolar blade (in deepest part) or chicken (thickest part of the breast), the internal probe gave me significantly higher readings (up to 6-10 degrees Celsius) higher than the instant reads, so I wasn't sure which one to trust.

I know with things like beef and pork you go by the feel of it and whether it's probe tender, but still interested to know why I am getting large differences in readings (especially with chicken).

For reference, I've tried two different instant reads at the same time, and a different internal probe unit and I get similar differences between them - neither line up.

I'm assuming (but could be wrong), that the internal probe is heating up a lot more since it's in the smoker, and thus gives off a higher reading.

Any advice on this? I appreciate any help, thanks.
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Re: Internal meat probe vs instant read: which to trust?

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As you can see, this forum is dead and nobody answers questions here anymore. Not even the owner who doesn't log in or care about it anymore.

As Davo (forum admin) suggested to others previously, there are two better options you can go to for good BBQ forums in Australia.

Post in either of these and you will get a reply:
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Re: Internal meat probe vs instant read: which to trust?

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Decide which type of thermometer you want and purchase a good unit as the internal temperature of all you are cooking is very important and especially so with poultry. For an internal, look at something like a Thermapen as they are as good as it gets.

Be sure and learn where the pick up is on all your probes. Do this using a cup of hot water and you will find that about all of them are different. Kinda hard to get an accurate internal reading on a chicken breast with a 4-5" probe and not knowing at what point on the probe is doing the measuring of the temp.
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