Vic's Meat Market - @ Sydney Fish Markets

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Re: Vic's Meat Market - @ Sydney Fish Markets

Post by Grill Pro Australia » Mon Jul 06, 2015 12:49 pm

RoninWC wrote:Made my first visit to Vic's at the Sydney Fish Markets on Friday.
Impressions are:
Meat all looks very good quality, well presented and they cover all the BBQ'ing cuts better than any butcher I've yet to see in Sydney.
But, I thought overall the meat was expensive. A good size brisket was around the $25 / kg mark and therefore over $120 for a brisket
Went around to the shop and had one of the brisket rolls for $10 and all I can say is wow... such great value for an awesome proper brisket!
Seldom in Sydney can you find real low & slow smoked brisket and this one was spot on the money!
Unfortunately, my son and I had had our fill of seafood before going to Vic's and therefore didn't get to taste more of the offerings.
Next time will go there and get one of everything.
I then spent some time talking to the "pit master" who's name I have forgotten but he was happy to share with me his techniques and methods. What a great guy and so knowledgeable. And that Yoder in the shop just looks amazing!
Can highly recommend the trip to get some damn fine BBQ.
BTW, the burnt ends offering is only available on the weekends.
Hi WarrenC,
Im glad you enjoyed the experience, before we shipped the two identical pits to Churrasco in Sydney, this was the only 36" Yoder Pit in Australia & the fact that it was airfreighted from Kansas into Sydney was pretty amazing too.

Anton is the Guy you would have spoken to, awesome bloke.

Cheers, Dave
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