Superbutcher 1824 Full Point End Briskets QLD

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Superbutcher 1824 Full Point End Briskets QLD

Post by gindemon » Sun May 11, 2014 3:35 pm

I just received an email about the SuperButcher specials this week.

They have advertised 1824 full point end briskets, which for QLD is a huge welcome surprise since traditionally it has been a huge pain in the arse finding full decent size briskets up here.

I have given them feedback previously about the availability of "US style cuts" which have obviously grown in popularity recently. There are US style restaurants serving brisket, ribs, and pulled pork all over the place here in Brisbane.

I haven't been out to actually see their briskets but I trust that when they advertise "full point end 1824 briskets" this is what we'll see!! They said $6.99/kg as well!!!!!!!

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Re: Superbutcher 1824 Full Point End Briskets QLD

Post by ghent » Sun May 11, 2014 11:09 pm

Hell yeh. Another excuse to trek out there: Cape Grim Rump for $12.99 as well this week.
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