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Kamado Hinge - Buyer Beware

Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2021 6:44 pm
by 12x7
Something to think about when you buy a ceramic kamado, the lid hinge.

The lid is very heavy.To help keep the lid in place when open and to open requires strong springs. Some use a fancy counterweight system to make the lid easy to lift.

The problems with springs is they wear out. In past you could by replacement springs for about $20. Nowadays they manufactures have stopped selling the springs and you have to buy a whole hinge assembly costing $250 ro $500. An alternative is to find similar springs from Bunnings.

The problem with the new counterweight and similar systems is they's no cheap options, you have to buy from the manufacture.

Whilst the ceramic will last for many years, not so the metal bits such as the springs/hinge. If used heavily or left in the rain etc it may only last for 5 years.

Springs - Cheap to replace if you can get them

Kamado Joe Easy Lift Hinge-The counterbalance system makes the heavy lid easy to lift. Expensive to replace