Cypress Grill recommendation NthSuburbs Melbourne

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Cypress Grill recommendation NthSuburbs Melbourne

Post by Robf1979 »

Hi all,
Thanks for adding me to the forum. :lol:

I have been cooking for the last 12 months on a Webber 57 cm kettle.

The family loves the charcoal taste. I have been looking to buy a Cypress Grill. I like the ideal of cooking up for family and friends for xmas, and family get togethers...

Am considering ...

* Gaganis Souvla Platinum Edition or the Stainless Steel edition ( )
* Flaming Coals Deluxe Cyprus Grill Spit - Stainless Steel ( )

I want the three big skewers for cooking chicken, lamb pork, gyros, i like the small skewers for corn, and small kebabs.

Any recommendations? I do prefer to buy something that is a elevated to waist height, that will also last the test of time.
Do you guys know any places in the north suburbs of melbourne?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Cypress Grill recommendation NthSuburbs Melbourne

Post by titch »

Cant help with the northern sburbs but around the Coburg/Epping areas there would have to be Cyprus grills.( Preston market area maybe)
Hardware/grocery stores around Oakleigh area use to sell them
I have dealt with a few times and have no hesitation too again.
The cyprus grills I have seen there are solid enough.
I would steer away from anything advertised as expanding etc, like the stainless stuff advertised
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Re: Cypress Grill recommendation NthSuburbs Melbourne

Post by Davo »

Also have a chat to bbqaroma at Leichhardt in Sydney , they specialise in the Cyprus style grill.
Being an agent for Hark smokers, he may also have his own agents down there.

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