First time buyer

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First time buyer

Post by Almo »


As it says on the tin. I’m looking to buy a Kamado cooler but unsure which one to buy. Iv been and looked at the Kamado Joe and then I seen a char griller ceramic in Bunnings.

Iv also seen a few posts about getting an Akorn or Dragon.

If anyone could recommend a nice ceramic or what would be the best way to go starting out in Kamado’s it would be appreciated.


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Re: First time buyer

Post by Michael_Dunn »

for starting out, I'd recommend the Akorn/Dragon - you don't have to worry about
damaging the ceramics, as they are metal (but they do rust over time).

The Akorn and Dragon are almost the same, usually about $500, but the Akorn
comes with a couple of extra accessories that are almost necessary.

BBQ Galore currently has the Dragon at $400, but I'd still get the Akorn unless
you can get a cheap heat deflector and raised grill
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