Cobb kettle

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Cobb kettle

Post by HeavySmoker »

I recently discovered the Cobb charcoal cooker and I'm interested in getting the Cobb air.
I've searched here and read everything but while looking at YouTube I saw a video where they were using a Cobb kettle on the cooker. Looks to be the same principal as a Kelly kettle. I can't find anywhere that sells the Cobb kettle and figure they are no longer made?

Anyway, I was wondering if by chance anyone has used a Kelly kettle on the Cobb? It would just be a matter of whether it fits over the fire basket of the Cobb.

P.S- Anything I should know about the Cobb? The fuel efficiency and size appeals to me. It would be great for small cooks where firing my horizontal DIY drum smoker is overkill and somewhat wasteful of charcoal.
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Re: Cobb kettle

Post by Davo »

Hi there HeavySmoker, sorry I missed your post.

Yeah I haven't seen any reference of the Cobb for years, we did have a member some years ago from Toowoomba QLD that was a big user of the Cobb and an American Fella called Old Dave who used one.

I haven't seen them in any store whatsoever so it's possible that they could be out of Production these days.

Try over on the Smoke fire and food forum, someone there may have one or knows of one.

Sorry, I couldn't be of any help to you.


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