Stoked.....BBQ NZ Style

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Stoked.....BBQ NZ Style

Post by Davo »

I found this through a site from a friend from Facebook and came accross this book....looks interesting and has a nice BBQ video down the bottom of the page.

check it out ... /16076313/

looks like mightyape is a pretty good place to buy stuff cheaper online and it's in Australia so it should be pretty safe to buy online.

Ok...going to have alook to see what other BBQ related goodies this site might have.


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Re: Stoked.....BBQ NZ Style

Post by urbangriller »

Good book Davo.

Al Brown is fishing chef with numerous TV shows under his belt in NZ.

Great whole roasted pig in the book, cooked in a concrete pipe like a huge Tandoor! Awesome!

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Re: Stoked.....BBQ NZ Style

Post by trentski »

got it already 8)
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