Tasty BBQ's - Recipe Book

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Tasty BBQ's - Recipe Book

Post by goratt »

Hi All!

I am from Malta in Europe! I have got some relatives in Victoria, Melbourne. I would love to travel all Australia one day :)

Well, I am a big BBQ fan and as a I am a chef/food blogger I have just created my first published recipe book - Tasty BBQ's - Quick Marinades For You Grills


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Re: Tasty BBQ's - Recipe Book

Post by Davo »

Hello Goratt,

When someone comes here advertising his product, no matter how good it is, we consider this to be a bit rude, especially if this is your first posting here without initially going into the Welcome catagory and introducing yourself.
We do welcome anyone who has a great product including books but without knowing who you are first, we would consider this SPAM and we've had lots of SPAMMING adverts on this forum lately so please understand our position and hence the reason that one of the Moderators has removed your links to the product.

So please, if you would like to continue on this forum, go up to the Welcome catagory up in the first section and introduce yourself so that other members can see and welcome you and then you may be allowed to re-install your links if we deem suitable.


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