Salvador Dali's "Les Diners De Gala"

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Salvador Dali's "Les Diners De Gala"

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Number one son just dropped around with his latest find, an old copy of Salvador Dali's "Les Diners De Gala"
After a quick skim through it I convinced him to leave it in our care for a few days so we can copy out some of his wonderful recipes.
The book itself is an incredible read of exotic recipes from places and people like Maxims, La Tour de Argent, Lassere and Le Buffet de la Gare de Lyon interspersed with paintings and sketches by Dali. Some of the recipes are quite off the wall but some are screaming out to be "adjusted" to BBQ. No prizes for working out which ones we're finding the most intriguing.
One named "Thigh of Piglet with Three Purees" is looking like being first cab off the rank :-)

Here's a link to whet your appetites but please take care when you open it. Most of Dali's images may be a bit confusing to children and some of these are quite suggestive...... ... acookbook/

Cheers, Wayne and Jan
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Re: Salvador Dali's "Les Diners De Gala"

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I'd forgotten about that, there's a copy here.... somewhere... (too many books :) )

I don't think I ever did try any of the recipes, memory says it was an impulse buy at the bookshop at the Tate in London way back when in days when cooking was not a regular thing for me :)

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Re: Salvador Dali's "Les Diners De Gala"

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