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G'day all,

I want to take you all back to a book that began it's run around the late 1980's when Margaret Kirkwood who was a well known cook around South Australia and the much younger Ross McDonald who at the time of Meeting with Margaret was a Weber salesman in the late 70's but had since discovered that by trying to sell Margaret one of his Weber Kettles, she already had one 3 years prior and was a very dedicated user.

Some Years later, both now experts on the Weber Kettle, the got back together and this cookbook was the result.

Guys, if you own a kettle, I reckon this is a Must have book to save your backside when things go pearshaped but it's good to go back to basics after all the techniques we've learnt here to get back and practice the basics so they are not forgotten.

This book is also a great reference on how to set up your coals for direct and indirect fires, low, medium and large fires by the use of heatbeads.

The food illustrations in this book are amazing and lots of work have gone into it and these Books are sold with Every brand New Weber kettle from the Australian wholesalers. The Americans don't have this book with their kettles so at least with the higher prices we pay here in Australia, we get something good in the kit.

If you don't have this book and you own kettles, my advice is try and find one on ebay and get it. It's Australian and how we BBQ and How we eat.

This Book pretty much covers all meat types, veggies and desserts and stuff. My edition I got with the Performer is 18th edition printed in 2006 so it's not really old and it has been revised a few times since it's beginning.

This is a great Hard Cover book that will last for many many years.

I'll never sell mine..that's for's too valueable and I often refer to it. :)


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Good write up Davo - good to get back to the roots.

Definately the first book in the library for any kettle user, All recipes are tried and true as Davo said..
I even went as far as wrapping one of mine in brown paper and put a sticker on it "BIBLE" and would consult it when demonstrating cooking on the Kettle.
Like other cookbooks I own the recipes provide inspiration for my recipes, I very rarely do the recipes in the book verbatem, I always add my tweaks to the recipes and may even change the method of cooking. If we all did the same recipe the same way it would soon become boring.
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