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Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:10 am
by bbqmad
Hey everybody

i hope you all had a good weekend, well the weather forcast for S/E/Qld was rain, storms and yet more rain so i thought we do need the rain but this doesn't sound good for lots of Q.

so i set my kettle up under the awning so i could still cook out of the rain, guess what them thar weather people was wrong again imagine that.....bless them. Apart from some rain friday night and being fairly windy not bad for cooking.

I got home from work early friday arvo so i cooked up a small pork rib (4) and some chipolates (poofter name for small roast spuds). I had brined the pork for 12 hrs in salt / sugar / rosemary & garlic cooked on kettle rubbed with yet more garlic salt & pepper that meat just melted in your mouth....the missus did a nice salad to go with this but who wants to hear about that.

Sat morning had a couple of early showers and then cleared up.......right no time for low n slow but i fancy lamb, straight down to coles and there was a beaut 3.2kg leg of lamb bone in the dogs are gonna fight over this barstard.

after giving it a bit of a wash i scored the fat cap and chopped fresh garlic (i know it stinks but i realy luvs me garlic) fresh basil, mint & thyme (the missus has fresh plants) bit of olive oil made a good paste rubbed it all into scored fat cap - wrap - fridge 2 x hrs bring out rest 40 mins and into the fire.

I cooked this on my Bar b chef but because it wasn't a tough 'ol peice of meat i put 2 x weber briquette holders (25 in each one) inside the main cooking chamber on the left and the lamb over by the stack on right this meat didn't require low n slow, this took 4 hrs rotated once after 2 hrs - came out tops everybody happy.

i know this isn't the traditonal way to use offsets but these things are so versatile you can cook in them so many ways - and shit if it saves time & fuel and tastes good go for it.

The last hour i threw some chicken wings in which i had brined 15 hrs and them put in ziplock with french dressing more garlic some hot chilli and some mild chille flakes kept sealed in there for 8 x hrs - fallin apart tender every bone you picked up just eased straight out of the flesh.

Sunday wife & daughter had enough meat for 1 x weekend - not me you know the whole venus & mars shit right so i got one of my T bones out i get these suckers cut around 50 mill thick and finished the w' end with this, not a bad w 'end considering the forcast was all doom & gloom.

I have taken pics of all this but Mmmm now for the embarrassing part this is going to sound lame i know but i have never off loaded / downloaded whatever any pics of a camera, so i'm waiting for daughter to do that i then i'll forward them, i'm sure theres not much to it i just need showing once and i'll be into it i'm sure.


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Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:01 am
by Snab
Man that all sounds fkn delicious - I'm right there with you on the garlic tho, I love the stuff! I'da sold my left nut to taste that lamb too :P

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Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:24 am
by bbqmad
Good on ya snab now this is the sort of enthusiasm this forum needs.......some one willing to give a nut for the cause the cause of bbq!!! yeah.


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Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:48 pm
by Mcjack

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Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 5:34 pm
by urbangriller

That is a legitimate use of an offset, my Bar-B-Chef has grills in the bottom of the cooking chamber for exactly that purpose. I often take out one of the food grills so I can slip a bit of direct heat in under the ribs for the last half hour or so. Taking one of the food grills allows you to slide the food (on the grill) over the direct heat (or away from it) at will.


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Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:07 pm
by Smokey
Hey Mcjack,
Welcome to The speaking stage :D
I came on all enthused when I first joined and dropped the odd dirty word too. But know one sent me dirty pm,s to tell me whats up.(Not that you did)
I figured that out myself. Its all good mate, Glen is new and spoke how I speak normally so I'm not offended.
Anyhows, Top stuff Glen, I didnt get a bbq in at all this weekend. Worked Sat and the wife wanted to follow the hippy trail to "The Channon" ? markets out the back of Nimbin :shock:
I think I was the only one not stoned and I must have looked so "stiff" as people were asking if I was a cop 8)
Now, If I was down there with a certain mate of mine, I may have looked different :mrgreen:
I did get some good stone fruit trees cheap, Been cheaper to go to bunnings but for the fuel however it was a lovely drive and the kids had fun playing with the hippy's, Poking there eyes and stuff, Being pacifist they dont fight back and my two brats found that out quickly. :lol:

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Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:33 pm
by Mcjack
thankyou for the welcome. and did you eat a burger in front of those ferrals? i think that would be better than poking their eyes out.

mmmmm burger


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Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:58 pm
by bbqmad
If i have offended you mcjack or anyone else i apoligise i would never use what i would class as the 'bad words' on here neither do i run around swearing in front of woeman and kids i wouldn't have thought the b & s words on an adult forum were that bad - however i will use no more.

At least it brought you out of the woodwork

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Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 8:38 pm
by Smokey
McJack, Funny you ask that, They sold me a Byron Bay sausage that,,, Well,, Just didnt taste like meat. So I think they got me before I had the chance to show off my meat eating skills.
BBQmad, You didnt go over the top, In fact it was a top post, and no sh!t, You are revving me up for some mates and there birds around this weekend for a festivis.
Ive got another one of those pork belly things, A bloody huge one at that.
Ill be doing it and maybe some beef ribs in the wsm . I like rubbing my beef with the same dry rub you use for making pastrami. Cracked coriander ,pepper and so forth. I always marinate beef ribs in plane soy sauce and a bit of pork rub for a few hours prior to beef dry rub than straight on the slow cooker.

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Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2009 5:01 am
by Captain Cook
A great post - food sounds great and I loved the fact that you used more than one toy for your cooks - shows versatility. Well done Mate!

Reference the discussion of the use of inappropriate language and insults (I believe that the common term is flaming).
We ask that you all remember that women and children or younger family members also read these posts and so you only use language that you would expect or want people to use in-front of those nearest and dearest to you. Sometimes we need to use a B or S to drive home a point and it is best to use the first and last letters capitalised with asterixes in the middle instead of the letters such as "S**T" however using the "F" word is not the type of post we would like to see. A continued undertone of swearing in posts is not appropriate and abusive posts are definitely not acceptable. We expect posters to be respectful of others. In essence we expect everyone to treat others and replies how they would prefer others to treat them and those near and dear to them.
We, (Forum Moderators and Administrators) have in the past, and will continue to either delete or edit those posts that we consider to be offensive. We are not out to be the post sheriffs but there must be a modicum of control, we want this to be the preferred BBQ forum in Australia, be informative for those who are new to the art, a place where we can exchange experiences and help grow our craft and be representative of our culture. It should also be representative of the five "F"s of BBQ, - Food, Fun, Family, Friends and Fellowship.

Enough of the soapbox, just thought that the discussions in this topic may have been a good place to provide my general thoughts on the subject of inappropriate posts.


Phil aka Captain Cook