Restoring or converting old aussie BBQ

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Restoring or converting old aussie BBQ

Post by jerry80 »

Hi all,

I've got this old BBQ sitting in my courtyard and I remember these things from my childhood. Has anyone (or has anyone known someone) that has done clever restorations or conversions of these old types of BBQs? If so any links to sites would be appreciated.
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Re: Restoring or converting old aussie BBQ

Post by titch »

Love it, I would make an asado grill for it, adjustable grill.front door for fire area.
then you can cook like an argentinian
google asado grill, be easier,
repoint some of the mortar, and render it in cement.
front door,s for the firewood areas and bang, instant BBQ

asado grill ... 50dd2c.jpg

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Re: Restoring or converting old aussie BBQ

Post by Davo »

I think those old besser Blocks have seen better days and if you build something like Titch suggested which I reckon would be great, and also very much a conversation piece at your place because Asado are not a typical set-up. As seen in Titch's picture, you use a wheel to lift or lower a grill so probably that Chimney will have to go as you won't need that hotplate to cover the smoke and flames.
If you don't want to go down that route, I'd still suggest to get rid of those old bricks and design an outdoor kitchen to go along the wall.
Another suggestion would be to fill in the gap where the fire would go and fill up with newer besser and perhaps fire bricks and build a fire pizza oven on top.

G'day also to Titch....nice to see you call in...hope you are well and escaped the Covidmania but i think Mr Andrews might need some new friends :lol:


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Re: Restoring or converting old aussie BBQ

Post by paulr »

Sorry, im not handy... I buy my BBQ's
But looks like a great area to start

Happy BBQ-ing, Paul - my blog ... criptions/ - great cooking classes
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