What starter cubes do you use?

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Re: What starter cubes do you use?

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Davo wrote: Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:27 pm I just use the redhead lighter cubes....granted they have an accelerant but by the time the briquettes are properly ashed over and ready to use, there's absolutely no scent of the cubes at all and no they don't get on the briquettes....been using them for many years now and never had tainted food....ever!!

I once tried those cardboard looking cubes but they kept on going out all the time....chucked the buggers after a few times.

I've tried newspaper crunched under the charcoal chimney....too much ash and unburnt paper flying around...that could get dangerous if it lands in the wrong place...did it once...never again.

I concur with all three points in this post.

Redheads, for me, have been the best I have found. Zero scent or smell ever noticed, by myself or the hundreds I've fed over the years (not that they've told me anyways... :) :) )

Those Samba things wouldn't even light my chimney when it was on top of the Heatbeads chimney starter. I just use them with a couple of Redheads cubes now cause I'm too cheap to throw them out. And newspaper/cardboard just makes a mess
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Re: What starter cubes do you use?

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I use the premium samba cubes which do a good job although the basic samba cubes are terrible, I'll give the naturals a try next time..
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