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Have been watching ch 33 (food chanel) :lol:

Thinking to myself, could you cook ribs etc, in a baby Weber, if you turned the temp down low, for a loooong period of time :?:

I'm thinking to get the meat to fall off the bone, as some do in their smokers in the usa, obviously it would not have the smokey taste

It would have some version of a rub on it anyway, for variation to taste
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Re: Question

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Hi's been a while hehe....glad to see you here :D

Ok during the NSW Footy Grandfinal day, I went to a BBQ to some friend's place ...he and another guy have been long time members here some time ago......anyway, both of them have cooked in competitions and we got talking about cooking times for the usual low n slow cuts like ribs and briskets etc....they done a beautiful briskie in the Yoder Y640 pellet grill in only 6 hours and it was bloody awesome....nice smoke ring and melted in the mouth...I couldn't believe it only took that long.
Ribs they did in 3 hours rather than my usual 5-6 did they do it?

They high heat smoked them till they had a good deep colour on the meat, placed the meat in a foil pan and placed it back on the grill...they lowered the temp some but still took it up to around 203F....left it to rest for 1-2 hours....there was a lot of juice in the pan.....but they took the brisket out and sliced it, separating the burnt ends....placed all the meat back into the pan and poured the juices back into the

Despite what we all thought and having had to hang around for hours waiting for a slab of meat to come up to's all in the resting the initial smoking on high heat, not quite roasting temps...say around the 300F mark, maybe 290....after 3 hours place meat in a foil pan and cover it over with foil and place back on the BBQ....reduce temp maybe to 250F for another couple of hours (this is for brisket by the way....for ribs maybe smoke for 2 hours high heat then foil up and keep heating. mentioned the Weber Q....going the indirect it at a temp below roasting so maybe mid low position on the dial ... with some liquid like apple juice and apple cider vinegar sprayed heavily on the ribs....then wrap up for one hour at hight heat then open up and rest for 30 minutes or so....

So apparently higher heat is the go!!


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