Probably another what bbq thread?

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Probably another what bbq thread?

Post by Ironmcl » Thu Jan 19, 2017 9:45 am

Hi guys, I've done a bit of reading on this forum and have come to realise there is a fair bit of love for the weber range.
I was kind of sold on a matador bbq until coming here.

Basically am deciding between a matador boss 3 burner or weber q3200.

I will be cooking on this every night as the house I'm moving into has electric and I refuse to cook on that. I also do a massive Sunday meal prep for the week which normally includes about 3kg of steak, 2kg chicken breast, 2kg turkey breast and 2kg white fish.
Another thing to consider is that I do not have the space available for anything bigger really, a 4 burner will not fit.

As I said I was kind of sold on the matador until I found this forum.

Opinions? Help? Thanks guys

Captain Cook
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Re: Probably another what bbq thread?

Post by Captain Cook » Thu Jan 19, 2017 11:42 am

Hi Ironmcl and welcome to the forum.
Yours is a dilema shared by many. On this forum and many others there is a high percentage of Weber owners, (including me) so therefore they sing the praises of Weber very highly.
My advise is to look at what your budget can afford, look at what will fit in the area you have, then look at the gas consumption and what you will be cooking. Let this be your initial guide. You can then look at the features and benifits of those BBQs that meet the intial criteria. Many select Weber for its ease of cleaning, speed of cooking and versatility. The hood down cooking method does produce great flavours as well as a fast cook - 4 1/2 minutes for a steak or chop, 7 minutes for a snag, 25 minutes for a butterflied chicken, etc. The important thing with any BBQ is to learn how to use it and the cooking methods that you can use. As an example. many people try to cook honey and soy chicken wings and always end up with a bitter taste and/or a mess on the grill plate to try and clean. If you use the foil and trivet method on the Weber Q you don't have that problem, the same method can be emulated on other gassers if you can cook with the lid down. If not you could try cooking on the hot plate on a lower temp with a layer of baking paper. so as you can see it is different stroke for different folks. Good luck with your choice. I know what my choice was.


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Re: Probably another what bbq thread?

Post by cumagutsa » Thu Jan 19, 2017 12:29 pm

I was anti weber for a long time Mainly because of the price and the belief that it was JUST a bbq, 8)

Until I went into gas works and asked the man why they are so popular, :D

I walked out with a lot less cash and a brand new Weber Genisis

I love it

Cheers Darren. :mrgreen:

Mainey . . .
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Re: Probably another what bbq thread?

Post by Mainey . . . » Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:51 pm

Yes, I always had 4 x burner BBQ's for decades..... till I tasted a steak done on a weber Q

So I dismantled my 4 x burner and bought a weber Q and mounted it onto the chassis of the 4 x burner unit.

Best decision I've made in decades too :)
An experienced cook & now a Weber Baby 'Q' devotee...
it's a very different world where you can smell but can't see what's happening with your food

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Re: Probably another what bbq thread?

Post by Lovey » Fri Jan 20, 2017 8:06 pm

G'day Ironcml and welcome aboard.
you certainly have dilemma on your hands there and we're here to help.
The main problem you're facing is that your comparing apples and oranges with your 2 alternatives. The traditional style bbq like the matador, is tried and tested and is a backyard staple 'lid up' griller.
They have hot spots, warm spots and other spots that are good for keeping food warm. The weber Q series is a bit 'left field' for a lot of people that aren't used to the 'lid down' style of cooking, as opposed to the traditional 'lid up' high heat grilling.
The capacity of those 2 models is a bit different due to the difference in cooking technique. The family Q (3100/3200) will easily cook for 15 people whereas the matador 3 burner might cater for 4-5 people due to the different cooking styles.
You might get a better price comparison with that size matador and the baby Q or the 2000/2200 series as they would have a more comparable cooking capacity. Captain Cook used to demo the weber Q series and what he doesn't know about them isn't worth knowing IMHO.
Let us know what you are looking at cooking and your budget, and I'm sure you'll get some great advice.
All the best,

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