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Tryme Tiger Sauce

Post by joey13 » Mon Feb 20, 2017 3:12 am

Hi guys,

Been doing a bit of research regarding cooking Pork Ribs. Wanting to mimic the Johnny Trigg method who uses "Tryme Tiger Sauce" when he wraps his ribs together with a couple other things.

Problem is, you can't seem to get it here in Aus.

Wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing a 1 gallon bottle from eBay and splitting the cost??? Works out to be very cost effective.

1 gallon = 128 oz which equates to 12.8 x 10oz bottles (295.735 mls per bottle).

Gallon bottle from eBay Australia is $71.66 AUD + $34.51 AUD postage = $106.17 AUD.

$106.17 / 12.8 bottles works out to be $8.29 AUD per bottle.

If we got 4 people on board would cost $26.54 each and we all get just over 3 bottles each (32oz each = 946.353mls).

Happy to organise if there was interest??


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