Grilled Fish Recipe

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Grilled Fish Recipe

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RustyRav09 requested a recipe for grilled fish on a baby Q
Here is my simple recipe

You need a teflon grill sheet - available at woolies for 10 bucks you will find them with the rest of the BBQ gear.
Don't cut it to size - makes it easy to handle.
Prep the fish by lightly brushing with a bit of melted butter and season with a bit of salt - I like the natural flavours of the fish so I don't add anything else when grilling like this.
Preheat the Q on high for 10 minutes while you are preparing the fish.
Place the teflon sheet on the Q, leave some overhanging - Only cover a maximum of 3/4 of the grill with the teflon sheet otherwise you can smother the fire and the heat needs to circulate around the fish.
Place the fish on the teflon grill sheet flesh side down and grill for 2 minutes with the lid down, flip the fish over and grill skin side for a further 2 1/2 minutes, check for donness by pulling a couple of flakes apart - it should be just turning opaque in the middle - do not overcook.
You should have beautiful grill marks on the fish and the skin should be crispy. The fish should be extremely moist and juicy and have the natural fish flavours.


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Re: Grilled Fish Recipe

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Hi Captian, yes some times less is more. and the KISS method normal works best. I can remember as a kid catching Bony Bream & Garfish and just frying in a little "Real" Butter salt & pepper , yummo , I Do like this I'm going to grab a few plate size whole fish this week and cook up a feed of butter Grilled Fish. thanks mate great Idea and I'm a Q convert as we have been going over to our mates Stan & Di's place and they have a baby Q & family Q and the feeds have been off the chain. yummo.MM :D :wink: :lol:
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