Newbie needing some opinions please

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Newbie needing some opinions please

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Hello everyone
I am about to take the plunge into smokers, nothing fancy, good entry level price. I do not have the room for a barbecue length offset

I was going to get the 22" Pro q elite but after looking at others I have now narrowed my choice down to these two ... ght-black/

I llke this one over the pro q as it seems to be lot heavier and solid and a lot cheaper. Member price is $499 delivered

Or ... r_p0094876 $599

I sort of am pretty lazy and this seems like a good set and forget option and has a lot of space.

I really am torn between the two..torn between charcoal and electric..if you were going to start out, which one would you go for? Opinions on pros and cons are appreciated

I do know that charcoal is more traditional and you could possibly get better flavour and I like that but on the other hand as I said before I am quite lazy I like the idea of setting temperatures and just leaving things be apart from water and pellets . It issuch a hard choice to make

Some input would be great

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