First time Brisket on Weber Kettle

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First time Brisket on Weber Kettle

Post by k.d » Sun Sep 20, 2015 9:01 pm

Hey Guys,

Posted this originally under 'charcoal' but realised i probably should have posted it here.

Been lurking on this forum for a while trying to find out about how to cook better on my Weber Kettle bbq.

after a couple days of research of how to smoke with a Weber Kettle I gave it a go, pics will be below to check out.

after going to several butchers trying to find a nice whole brisket with no luck I came home and jumped on google trying to find bigger butchers that I might have better luck with. Found a butcher shop in tweed heads about 30 mins north of where I live. They got me a 5kg Wagyu whole packer which looked awesome.

got the brisket home and since it was so big cut up some of the end to use later as mince for burger patties

Made up a dry rub myself which consisted of

1/3 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup sea salt
1/3 cup pepper
1/3 cup chilli powder

then rubbed the brisket down and put it back in the fridge over night

went back and read online some how to's on cooking brisket and realised i probably should have injected the meat with some beef brother which i then did but ended up regretting as a lot of the broth came out and washed off the rub

from most ive what i had learnt i assumed this brisket would take around 12 hrs to cook so i got up at 1am and started it as i was planning on eating it for lunch the following day. Got the heat beads arranged in the snake pattern added my wood chips and got the chimney started

chucked the brisket on once the heat beads heated up and then put my thermometer in there to cook until the internal temp of the meat hit 150'F and the plan was to try keep the bbq around 225'f through out the cook. After about 4.5hrs the internal temp hit 150 so it was time to get some foil add in a little beef broth and wrap the brisket up for the remainder of its cooking.

to my surprise it ended up cooking a lot quicker than i expected and only took around another 4.5hrs to hit 203'F internal which was the temp i was aiming for. So once it hit that i took the brisket off wrapped it in a towel and put it in my esky to rest for 2-3 hrs. only bad thing was i found it very hard to keep the temp around 225 it seems like every 20 mins i was having to adjust the vents on the bbq

after it had rested it was amazing to open up the foil and slice up some of the meat, the fat in the brisket had broken down and it was super soft and tender. Only disappointing thing was the bark which wasnt very good which i assume was from the injected brother coming out and washing it off.

ended up making some BBQ sauce and had brisket rolls with BBQ sauce, mustard and fresh pickles and also had brisket tacos.

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First time Brisket on Weber Kettle

Post by Muppet » Sun Sep 20, 2015 9:03 pm

Looks like a tasty bit of brisket there mate, great work! Sounds like you did your homework too, kudos
Baby steps...
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Re: First time Brisket on Weber Kettle

Post by SilentBoB » Mon Sep 21, 2015 5:59 pm

That's some mighty fine looking brisket!

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First time Brisket on Weber Kettle

Post by BeachedBro » Tue Sep 22, 2015 6:48 pm

Good job son!

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Post by niko123456 » Tue Sep 22, 2015 9:42 pm

What word is being auto corrected with "injected brother"? Broth?

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