Jumbuck 5 in 1 Drum

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Jumbuck 5 in 1 Drum

Post by Arnaud » Sat Jan 05, 2019 5:09 pm

Hey people, i am new to this forum and I am looking for some advice. I found this deal at my local bunnings where they are selling this Jumbuck drum that converts into charcoal smoker, pizza oven, bbq, firepit etc. Its selling price is $189 and i was hoping to make use of some gift vouchers i received for Christmas.

I know this brand is not the best and that product with all the features seems too good to be true, however, is it completely unusable? [url]Here is a link[/https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Jumbuck-5in ... 3688898326] to one of these on sale on ebay. 'Also I cannot find any info about this product on the manufacturers website yet there must be a dozen or more of these on sale at bunnings.

Has anyone got any experience with one of these, or maybe can give me some advice on what to look for in this cheap unit? I expect that this might have issues like heat losss, rust, etc. Any feedback would be much appreciated.


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Re: Jumbuck 5 in 1 Drum

Post by Angryman65 » Sun Jan 06, 2019 9:06 am


For that sort of money, I'd give it a go especially if you're using gift vouchers for the bulk of the payment.

I've got one of the jumbuck 3 in 1 kettles ( Pizza oven, rotisserie and kettle) and it works a treat.

Don't expect it to perform like a $2000 BBQ and you won't be disappointed but it will most likely do everything you want it to once you get used to how it runs. Vents, fire size, best fuel, water bowl ( heat sink) and all the little things that combine to make a difference.

Lots of people have started with Drum Smokers, anything that combines meat, heat and smoke has to be a good thing.
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Re: Jumbuck 5 in 1 Drum

Post by Arnaud » Sun Jan 06, 2019 11:29 am

Thanks for the reply. Indeed, im only hoping to start smoking some meat and if it turns out that i dont really like it, then it wont have been a big loss. Also i dont know how a $2000 bbq works so at least i wont have that kind of expectation.

cheers :)

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Re: Jumbuck 5 in 1 Drum

Post by BBQ-Dad » Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:25 pm

TBH, it's not something I would even consider.


I'm curious to here how you go, so keep us updated!

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Re: Jumbuck 5 in 1 Drum

Post by Davo » Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:56 pm

Before you decide on the drum, Bunnings have a few other Options you may consider too, they have a brand of smoker called a Fornetto, they are very similar in use to a Weber Smokey Mountain or Pro-Q smoker....they use water and venting to control the heat. They feel rather solid for the price as well. Another option to look at while you're there is an offset type smoker which you can also use as a charcoal grill. whichever griller you get, it'll be a great learning curve.


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Re: Jumbuck 5 in 1 Drum

Post by Unzippy » Tue Mar 12, 2019 4:47 pm

Did you decide to go with this in the end?

My mate just got one via ebay. First thing I noticed is that there is no vent control.

A quick trip to Bunnings sorted that. Some flashing tape to block up 5 of the six holes per side and then some 20mm gas fittings including two of these (https://www.bunnings.com.au/gastite-20m ... e_p4790572) and all sorted. Had to slightly drill out the two holes so that we could screw in the fittings.

Now full control over the temp, all good.

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Re: Jumbuck 5 in 1 Drum

Post by titch » Tue Mar 12, 2019 5:45 pm

I had a look at one of them, you get a fair bit for your Money.

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