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Efficient smoking

Post by donetski_87 » Sun Mar 12, 2017 6:21 pm

G'day all,

First post here.

Recently got into the science that is BBQ and have invested in a ProQ Excel 20 Elite. I am just starting to get my head around keeping a stable temp but I seem to be going through a lot of fuel to cook a small amount of meat.

So far I have only been using the top stacker i.e having the smoker completely assembled (two tiers) but only using the top grill.

First question is if I am only using one grill should I remove the top stacker and just use the grill directly over the water pan? Would this in theory save my fuel purely because there is less of a surface area to heat?

Also If I want to cook on both stackers for are there any tips in terms of which type of meat goes where, what meats shouldn't be cooked together and fuel arrangements? I gave it a half hearted crack when I first bought the smoker but failed miserably as the meat I put on seemed to sap all the heat and I could get it back up to cook temp before the fuel ran out. I think this is what scared me off.

I use Kingsford original briquettes and have only tried the minion method so far. Was considering giving the snake a crack to get a longer low and slow cook temp.

Any advice on any of these points would be welcomed as I feel I have invested in a great piece of kit but am not using it to its full potential.


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Re: Efficient smoking

Post by lockyer » Thu Jun 08, 2017 9:11 am

Hi Dan,
I have the Pro Q Frontier, if you wish to do low and slow, you will get better results having all the stackers in place, the trick is to get to the cooking temp and stay within that area. Having the food further away from the heat source lets the mositure,heat and smoke mix evenly as it passes the food. If you remove 1 stacker you may find you have a hotter area up along the side that is below the top lid vent, plus your cooking temp will be harder to control as the amount of area inside the smoker is 25% less so the % of air being pulled though jumps up.
Smokers do use a lot of fuel but the most efficient fuel imho is Heat beads, they are hotter and consistent in there burn.
It is a lot of practice and trial and error, but you will have a ball along the way.

Cheers L

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