Welcome to the New Aussie BBQ Flea Market

Sell your used BBQ stuff here

Welcome to the New Aussie BBQ Flea Market

Postby Davo » Sun Jan 13, 2013 8:04 am

Ok so we don't sell flees but we would like to welcome you to a new catagory where you can buy, sell or swap any used BBQ products that you have.

Any posts will self prune in 14 days....that way this section won't get too full....we want to keep it just down to one page.

BBQ stuff only....if you got any non-BBQ stuff....it is to be sold by other channels such as Ebay, Trading Post or Gumtree.

There are no post counts to use this section so any new members can use it too....this could be subject to change if needed by admin staff.

Good luck with the sales.


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