Deer, how to make the most from a beast

Rabbit, Croc, Emu, Wombat, Brown Snakes, Kangaroos etc.
Also include recipes for Galahs, Pigeons and Roadkill

Deer, how to make the most from a beast

Postby Idofish » Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:58 pm

Got an opportunity to take a deer in the next week or two and a want to make the most from the animal, any advise welcome on how to make the most from it. I have read all of he previous posts and will definitely do the lobster tails and backstrap recipe, but I'd love to make a bunch of snags from it too. Anyone have a good recipe for them? I'm suppose a bit of pork fat would help the lean meat not dry out to quick? Also I what herbs go well? Any advise really as I have never cooked with deer before. Cheers

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