Come on, show us your WGA grilling

Handy portable cookers like the Weber Q
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Come on, show us your WGA grilling

Post by SitDown » Sat Mar 18, 2017 6:38 pm

WGA – Weber Go-Anywhere are bloody neat portable grills & I reckon they are hugely under-rated

If you have got one, show us what you have cooked on them

For starters, I did lamb ribs, around 800g I think
A bit of oil sprayed on, so the salt/pepper would stick to the meat
Small handful of soaked mesquite/hickory chips in a stainless tray
Pit probe in, stabilized at 135ish temp
1hrs on the grill, then wrapped in foil for another hour, then out of the foil, back on the grill for a bit of a flare up for a minute or so, rest 10mins
Ready to wrap in foil
Result, slightly under cooked, 2 thirds was almost fall off the bone, rest, not quite, was juicy yay
Weber Baby Q
Weber WSM 14.5 & PartyQ
Weber WGA Rotisserie
Cobb BBQ

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